October 20, 2020


Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots (MEGAN CASSELLA and ALICE MIRANDA OLLSTEIN, 10/20/2020, Politico)

Nominating a Republican to the Cabinet would be the latest in a series of steps Biden has taken to extend an olive branch across the aisle. His campaign regularly holds calls with a group of officials who have endorsed him, including Republicans. After giving multiple GOP supporters prime speaking slots at his August convention, he tapped others for roles on his transition team, including Cindy McCain, the wife of the late Republican Sen. John McCain.

"This plays to Joe Biden's comfort zone," said one former Republican member of Congress who is close to the Biden transition. "If you're Joe Biden, of course you're going to want to expand your base a little bit, show some outreach to the other side."

Tapping a GOP candidate to lead a federal agency could be an easy and early way to reward Republicans who endorsed him before the election and signal his intent to bridge the country's partisan divide. But it could also alienate Democrats already worried whether a nominee who has long styled himself as a moderate will pursue progressive policies once in office.

One of the worst aspects of our asinine partisanship has been the refusal to serve in the Cabinet of the other party, though Donald carried it to an extreme by not even asking.  Recall that no one would agree to join W, so he ended up keeping Norm Minetta.  Not only would Joe (and the GOP) be helped by the show of  bipartisanship, but it would be useful for him to let the Progressives know he is the Democratic Paty, not them,

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