October 9, 2020


This Company's Simple Blood Tests Could Reimagine Telemedicine (LEIGH BUCHANAN, 10/09/20, INC. MAGAZINE)

The pandemic's acceleration of interest in telemedicine should significantly increase demand. The U.S. telemedicine market is expected to approach $10 billion this year, with 76 percent of hospitals providing some services remotely, according to the research firm Arizton.

The keystone of Tasso's system, called OnDemand, is a big red button, reminiscent of the one labeled "EASY" that Staples made ubiquitous more than a decade ago. A patient places the button--made of injection molded plastic--on her upper arm, an area most people find less sensitive than others to pain. (Fingertips, by contrast, are very sensitive. Think paper cuts.) She clicks the button, releasing a tiny lancet, which needs only reach the capillary network right under the surface of the skin. "The needle doesn't go in very deep at all, so it doesn't even get to the nerves," Casavant says. "And because it all happens so fast you hardly feel anything."

The patient removes and caps the blood-collection tube and sends it to the lab in pre-paid packaging provided by Tasso. The tubes are designed to fit directly into standard blood-analysis machines, so results are fast. Tasso also provides a logistics service, managing all the shipping for its lab and hospital clients.

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