July 24, 2020


Covenant with God (Nikhat Sattar, 24 Jul, 2020, Dawn)

One of the worst consequences of this political and moral weakening of Muslim societies is the bre­aking of Muslims of their covenant with God. This covenant was to establish qist (reasonable justice) which cannot be achieved unless the grievance and remedy is assessed from the perspective of the victim, and to call for maruf (good) and advocate aga­inst munkar (evil). Classical jurists of Islam equate the maruf with how a person would like to be treated. The understanding of what is maruf and munkar is resident within a person's nature. God places the res­ponsibility of the morals of a society squarely upon its people and declares: "...Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves. ... (13:11)".

The Quran calls upon humans to give evidence of the truth, even if it means going against one's family or interests. In other words, Muslims should raise their voices against crimes perpetrated by Muslims, even more than they would for those committed by non-Muslims.

Today, this has been turned on its head. Non-Muslim societies provide justice far more in line with the Sharia, mete out humane treatment, provide refuge to those who have suffered under oppressive regimes at home and speak up against rights violations. As Dr Khaled Abu El Fadel says, it is as if "someone uses the superficially technical Sharia to violate Sharia".

The goal of the WoT is to make the Arab world as sharia compliant as the West.
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