July 27, 2020


How the Lincoln Project's brutal anti-Trump ads could remake US politics (Lincoln Mitchell, Thu July 23, 2020, CNN)

The veteran consultants involved in the Lincoln Project appear sincere in their desire not just to beat Trump but to praise Biden. This appears to reflect a broader trend in American politics that may have a correspondingly larger impact on post-Trump America. Biden is benefiting from an unusually broad coalition that is attracting other disaffected Republicans, too. Campaigns by organizations like Republican Voters Against Trump, led by conservative activist William Kristol, and rumors that John Kasich, a longtime conservative Republican, is expected to speak at the Democratic convention in support of Biden are likely to help the former vice president maintain his comfortable lead in the polls.

While this undoubtedly will help Biden in the election, it may also ultimately change the tenor of his presidency.

If Biden wins, organizations like the Lincoln Project will have newfound influence and options. They will be among the many groups, including progressive Democratic activists, organized labor, LGBTQ voters and voters of color who can claim to have helped elect him. Unlike those other groups, the Lincoln Project, while virulently anti-Trump, is made up of conservatives. They will be well positioned to be a conservative counter to the progressives who would like to see a President Biden tack left once elected.

It will be difficult for a Biden administration to ignore the Lincoln Project's leadership after the election. Alternately, if Trump loses badly and brings his party down with him, currently a possibility but far from a certainty, there will be a need for a post-Trump conservative party. The Lincoln Project, having staked out political space as anti-Trump conservatives, will also be well positioned to be at the heart of that movement.

The most important thing we Never-Trumpers can do after Joe is elected is restore the American ideal of a loyal opposition.  We can oppose the governing party without being as psychotic as minority parties have been since 2000.

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