July 11, 2020


Georgia. Ohio. Texas. Democrats Tell Biden to Go Big (He's Being Cautious). (Jonathan Martin, 7/10/20, NY Times)

With President Trump's poll numbers sliding in traditional battlegrounds as well as conservative-leaning states, and money pouring into Democratic campaigns, Joseph R. Biden Jr. is facing rising pressure to expand his ambitions, compete aggressively in more states and press his party's advantage down the ballot.

In a series of phone calls, Democratic lawmakers and party officials have lobbied Mr. Biden and his top aides to seize what they believe could be a singular opportunity not only to defeat Mr. Trump but to rout him and discredit what they believe is his dangerous style of racial demagogy.

This election, the officials argue, offers the provocative possibility of a new path to the presidency through fast-changing states like Georgia and Texas, and a chance to install a generation of lawmakers who can cement Democratic control of Congress and help redraw legislative maps following this year's census.

Mr. Biden's campaign, though, is so far hewing to a more conservative path. It is focused mostly on a handful of traditional battlegrounds, where it is only now scaling up and naming top aides despite having claimed the nomination in April.

The GOP has not even begun to reckon with the wreckage that Donald could leave in his wake.  The assumption is that when he loses he'll put his ego and energy into some kind of Trump TV.   While obviously toxic, it will be pretty marginal.  The far greater threat is that he could choose to establish his own political party, based around his racism and dedicated to the election of Ivanka or one of his boys from Brazil.  He wouldn't necessarily capture all of them, but his hardcore support is that 30% of Republicans who voted for him and who oppose even the Dreamers.  Peel them off and there's no longer a competitive two-party system.    Meanwhile, as the flight of suburbanites and the virtual imprisonment of minority voters in the Democratic Party pushes it further into neoliberalism, the rationale for the GOP diminishes.  November is going to go a long way to destroying the current Republican Party--deservedly--but we may not have seen anything yet.  A fitting legacy for Trumpism. 

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