May 1, 2020


Congressional Democrats are governing from the minority (Ezra Klein, May 1, 2020, vox)

[T]his is an unusual bargaining dynamic: Democrats are acting as the governing party even though they're in the minority. They're fighting for the baseline policies that any normal administration, Republican or Democrat, would be begging for right now.

"From the very beginning, this administration made the decision that there was no legitimate role for the federal government to play in responding to this crisis," says Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT). "It wasn't an accident they didn't request any money in the early days. They really believed, as they believe today, that this is a problem states and local governments should confront."

This is an inversion of the traditional relationship between the White House and the opposition party. Typically, in a crisis, the administration would be pushing to do more, do it faster, and the minority party would be deciding whether to block those efforts or attach their own ideological priorities onto them. That's because the administration knows it will be blamed for failure. But the Trump administration has refused responsibility for this crisis, and it has repeatedly wanted both less funding and less authority than congressional Democrats want to give it.

"It's the executive branch who normally takes control in a situation like this, and they haven't," says Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI). "As a result, Democrats have stepped into the breach to minimize suffering. There are a lot of keyboard pundits who view this as a forfeiture of leverage, and I understand what they're saying. But we have to be very clear: They're talking about using suffering as leverage. That is what the Republicans do, not what we do."

Hating America, the Right would prefer the government fail to deal with crises effectively.  Fortunately, the Deep State won't let it fail.

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