April 17, 2020


BOSCH IS BACK--AND HE'S STILL THE PRICKLY BASTARD YOU WANT SHOWING UP AT A CRIME SCENE: Six seasons in, Bosch may just be TV's best police procedural. (KEITH ROYSDON, 4/17/20, Crime Reads)

Nobody will ever accuse Harry Bosch of being a teddy bear. The longtime Los Angeles police detective, central to Michael Connelly's nearly two-dozen crime novels, is kind of a prick. To say he doesn't suffer fools gladly is a ridiculous understatement; he doesn't suffer fools gladly or even grumpily.

Connelly's books are peppered with moments when Bosch barks out a criticism of a police colleague or even superior. Bosch gets away with this because he's usually right. The patrol officer who opened a car's trunk damn well should have been wearing latex gloves. The partner should have been more concerned with a case than his side hustle. The lieutenant should have stood up for his charges.

The relative thorniness of the main character is part of what makes Bosch, the Amazon Prime Video series--the sixth season begins streaming on April 17--kind of fascinating. The show's Bosch is a jerk but agreeably so. He's not effusive even with his daughter, Maddie, or significant others. But he's open and vulnerable to those closest to him, in a Bosch sort of way. He keeps other cops at arm's length, but usually only until he figures out their motives. For god's sake, he rescues and adopts a dog in the fifth season.

Don't mistakenly think Bosch, as played by Deadwood alum Titus Welliver, has gone soft, however. He might call people "brother" but he's still fairly prickly.

Nowhere near as good as the books, but a good watch (other than Season 1).

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