January 28, 2020


Bill Barr was concerned Trump was doing favors for the leaders of China and Turkey (LAUREN FRUEN, 1/28/20,  DAILYMAIL.COM and AFP)

Attorney General Bill Barr was said to have voiced concerns that Donald Trump was doing favors for the leaders of China and Turkey, according to John Bolton's bombshell new book.

The former national security adviser privately told Barr last year about concerns that the president was essentially granting favors to autocrats, The New York Times reported Monday. 

According to the Times' latest report, the Attorney General responded to Bolton's concerns by pointing to Justice Department investigations of companies in Turkey and China. Barr said he himself was worried it appeared Trump had undue influence over what would normally be independent inquiries, Bolton's manuscript said.

Bolton wrote that Barr singled out the president's conversations with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping about the Chinese telecommunications firm ZTE. 

Any witness you call indicts them.

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