January 11, 2020


Man who tackled London attacker with tusk says Trump is 'feeding terror' (Robert Booth, 10 Jan 2020, The guardian)

The man who used a narwhal tusk to tackle the London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan has accused Donald Trump of "feeding terror" with his belligerent Middle East policy, warning it will breed more murderous attackers like the one he and others faced.

In his first interview since Khan killed two people and injured several more at a criminal justice conference on 29 November, Darryn Frost said the US president's decision to assassinate General Qassem Suleimani would cost lives and added: "The next generation of terrorists will rise as a direct result of these actions and we must condemn them now."

Speaking in detail about his ordeal for the first time, Frost, 38, a civil servant working for HM Prisons and Probation, revealed how he tackled Khan alongside two convicted men, using an ornamental tusk to stab Khan through the abdomen, and pinned him to the ground, despite believing that he was wearing an explosive device.

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