January 9, 2020


'He is our O.J.': POLITICO readers explain why they're standing with Trump during impeachment. (JOHN F. HARRIS, 01/09/2020, Politico)

For Keith Swartz, who is 66 years old and runs a recruiting firm based in Tacoma, almost anything includes a president he regards as "manic, uneducated, illogical," and also "essentially a horrible person....vulgar, amoral, narcissistic."

Wait, this a defense of Trump? Yes, hang on. He's done a fine job on the economy, in particular, in the face of a Democratic opposition that has bent rules and abused process for three years in an implacable bid to thwart him. "To those of us who support what he has accomplished," Swartz concluded, "it feels like he is our O.J."

That's right: O.J. Simpson, not previously a conservative hero. In his 2016 promises to "Make America Great Again," Trump did not invoke the racially riven Los Angeles of the 1990s as his model. But Swartz's admirably forthright comparison--with biased media and unscrupulous Democrats serving as proxies for racist cops--captured the spirit of many replies.

The metaphor also echoed for me, since I began covering national politics (after a stretch as local reporter) just as the sordid O.J. melodrama was underway--with no premonition on my part that the deeply embedded malice and competing perceptions of reality on display in that case would come to define our public culture broadly.

Of course, black Americans are historically oppressed, so sticking it to the man is mildly understandable.  The oppressors adopting the same whinge is embarrassing. 

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