January 13, 2020


Tensions between president Rouhani and Iran's Revolutionary Guard spill into open (Raf Sanchez  and Ahmed Vahdat, 13 JANUARY 2020, The Telegraph)

Tensions between the Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guard spilled into the open on Monday as the president's office accused the elite military force of misleading them over the accidental shooting down of a civilian airliner. 

As protesters took to the streets for a third consecutive day, allies of Hassan Rouhani, the democratically elected president, appeared to be directing the public's anger towards their more hardline rivals in the Revolutionary Guard. 

A spokesman for Mr Rouhani said the Revolutionary Guard had falsely told the president they were not involved as he tried to explain why Iran spent the first days after the crash denying any responsibility for the 176 deaths.

"All relevant authorities had assured us that there had been no missile involved in the downing of the Ukrainian plane," said Ali Rabiei, the government spokesman.

Meanwhile, a leaked recording appeared to show a Revolutionary Guard officer complaining that Mr Rouhani's administration was leaving them out to dry as they faced widespread fury over the downing of Flight PS752.  

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