January 26, 2020


Iran's President Rouhani reportedly threatened to resign over attempts to cover up downing of airliner (Tim O'Donnell, 1/26/20, The Week)

Rouhani, left in the dark, reportedly deflected phone calls from other world leaders because he had no answers for them, and military commanders were doing the same thing to him when he tried to reach them. When finally informed of the truth, officials close to Rouhani told the Times, the president was "livid," demanding that Tehran admit the mistake and face the consequences. Military officials reportedly argued with Rouhani -- they feared destabilizing the country. That's when Rouhani said he would resign.

Eventually, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei got a message to the military, siding with Rouhani and ordering a public statement acknowledging what happened.

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