January 26, 2020


King Trump Wants Heads on Pikes. The GOP Can't Wait to Oblige. (Rick Wilson,  Jan. 26, 2020, Daily Beast)

Today's revelation that the henchmen recorded Trump saying, "Get her (Ambassador Yovanovitch) out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. OK? Do it." is five things.

First, it's evidence--the kind of recorded evidence of malfeasance and intent that should be heard in a Senate impeachment trial but will never be. 

Second, it's yet another sign that Donald Trump was engaged in a scheme to extort a foreign power by illegally abusing his power of office, and no one was going to stand in his way, including a U.S. ambassador with a sterling reputation.

Third, it's a window into the coterie of [***]birds, thugs, and criminal-adjacent scum[***]s Trump dispatches to do his low bidding. When Trump sends his henchmen to Ukraine, he's not sending his best.

Finally, it's a lesson to Republican backers of Trump: More shit always comes out. Nothing is ever over when it comes to revelations regarding the criminality, corruption, mendacity, and stupidity of Trumpworld. It's a feature, not a bug, and the evidence that will inevitably keep coming out will end up in the arsenal of your political opponents so long as you keep declaring his innocence and covering for his behavior. The ads write themselves.

Late Friday, news broke of the new Trumpworld threat du jour: that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman should be arrested and court-martialed. After Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted out an attack on Vindman, Trump's mighty media Wurlitzer ran with it, led by Fox (natch). Sean Davis of The Federalist (or as I think of it, "Gentry Breitbart") tweeted, "Vindman deserves to be court-martialed." This kind of messaging isn't a coincidence. It's not a throwaway line. This is the president's crew showing that their opponents will "go through some things" if they don't toe the line. (P.S. MAGAts, it's Mike Flynn who's going to jail, not Alexander Vindman.)

When I saw that the president's political team had threatened his own allies with the message, "Vote against the President and your head will be on a pike", my first thought was that Steve Bannon's latest batch of bathtub meth was a tad too strong, but on a moment's reflection, I realized this was just where we are now as a nation. The Republicans senators live in cringing terror of a Trump-driven primary and of hostile tweets from his mob of mouth-breathing Yokel Haram followers. 

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