December 9, 2019

PITY THE FLUFFER NUTTERS (profanity alert):

Justice Department Watchdog Crushes Trumpworld's Deep State Dreams: We were told Russia was a hoax, the president was persecuted by Obama, and the real traitors would be locked up. So much for all that. (Rick Wilson, 12/09/19, Medium)

For months, President Trump and his allies have been salivating over a report from the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, outlining what they expected would be a tale worthy of a John Le Carre novel. Taking a cue from Trump, Fox News and a constellation of right-wing media have promised us the report would reveal the smoking guns in the Deep State's plot to destroy the president. The report, a product of Trump's insistence that his servile Department of Justice investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, would unleash the hounds of hell on the Democrats, the Obama administration, and the intelligence community.

Well, the report's finally been released and the results are underwhelming, to put it mildly. Burn this phrase, lifted directly from the report, into your mind: "No evidence political bias influenced the decision to open the Russia probe." As has happened time and again, Trump's ludicrously overwrought promise -- that this was to be a tentpole of his ongoing (and entirely imaginary) war against the Deep State -- was followed by an utterly underwhelming outcome.

The vast enterprise of formerly conservative media outlets now dedicated to trafficking in baroque QAnon-adjacent conspiracy theories in defense of Trump will try their best to polish this turd into a diamond, but the chances are slim they'll be able to convince even their own audience of credulous Trump rubes and conspiracy nuts this report means all that much.

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