December 8, 2019

IT'S NOT A pROGRESSIVE PARTY (profanity alert):

How the Cool Kids of the Left Turned on Elizabeth Warren (RUAIRÍ ARRIETA-KENNA, 12/08/2019, Politico)

It wasn't so long ago that you could read an article in Jacobin that argued, "If Bernie Sanders weren't running, an Elizabeth Warren presidency would probably be the best-case scenario." In April, another Jacobin article conceded that Warren is "no socialist" but added that "she's a tough-minded liberal who makes the right kind of enemies," and her policy proposals "would make this country a better place." A good showing by her in a debate this summer was seen as a clear win for the left in the movement's grand ideological battle within, or perhaps against, the Democratic Party. Even staff writer Meagan Day, probably the biggest Bernie stan on Jacobin's masthead, found nice things to say about Warren.

No more. A selection of Jacobin headlines from November: "Elizabeth Warren's Head Tax Is Indefensible," "Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Finance Medicare for All Is a Disaster" and "Elizabeth Warren Is Jeopardizing Our Fight for Medicare for All." In October, a story warned that a vote for Warren would be "an unconditional surrender to class dealignment." Even a recent piece titled "Michael Bloomberg? Now They're Just F[****]g with Us" went out of its way to say that Warren is insufficiently confrontational to billionaires.

Bernie is the only Progressive and he's conspicuously not a Democrat.

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