June 26, 2019


With 'Chernobyl,' Iranians talk other people's nuclear problems, for a change (Rohollah Faghihi June 26, 2019, aL mONITOR)

The debate got started the day after the series premiered, when presidential adviser Hesameddin Ashena tweeted that politicians and members of the establishment should watch "Chernobyl" and "learn a lesson" from it. He underscored that the final episode raised a key issue: "The main point of [the series] is the shocking question 'What is the cost of lies?'"

Masoud Farasati, a well-known film critic, railed against Ashena on state TV on June 8, urging him and politicians to "keep out of the film sector," particularly when trying to make a political point. He also criticized the Americans for having produced the series in the first place, asserting, "As usual, Americans are taking advantage of the issue to claim [that they are] the righteous ones.'"

Ashena hit right back, tweeting on the same day that he was not advising politicians to watch "Chernobyl" for its political or artistic elements. Rather, he said, he wanted to emphasize the importance of consultation and honesty in crisis management and prevention.

Choosing sides, others jumped into the debate in no time. The Reformist daily Shahrvand argued on June 17 that Farasati had used "Chernobyl" to make a point about "capitalist plotting and propaganda," while Ashena had used it as a lesson for officials on transparency.

The Reformist newspaper Sazandegi wrote on June 10, "The controversy that this five-episode series has created is beyond reviewing a tragic occurrence ... [The series] caused many for the first time to think about nuclear energy and its possible dangers."

The moderate news website Asr Iran also emphasized the consequences and repercussions of a mistake being made in the nuclear sector. "Chernobyl narrates a real story, portraying the men and women who bravely sacrificed themselves to save Europe from an unthinkable catastrophe. The series is worth watching," wrote Asr Iran on June 3.

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