June 19, 2019


Trump's Kick-Off Rally Showcases What the President Does Best: Turns out the last refuge of a scoundrel isn't patriotism--it's racism.  (ALEX SHEPHARD, June 19, 2019, New Republic)

[T]rump is perhaps in the worst position of any incumbent president in recent history. His poll numbers are so bleak he refuses to acknowledge them, going so far as to fire pollsters who had the temerity to show the president consistently losing to his potential Democratic rivals. He is trailing in a number of key electoral states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. He is on the verge of dragging the United States into war with Iran, and his other high-profile diplomatic gambits have failed. His luck with the economy could run out any moment, due either to the vicissitudes of economic cycles or the trade wars he has tried to gin up. Even if House Democrats don't officially start an impeachment inquiry, the investigations they conduct could drive presidential poll numbers into the earth's core.

But when the walls close in, you can always count on President Trump to do what any man in his position (his position being a rageful and insecure manchild) would: Turn again to racist fearmongering.

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