June 7, 2019


Joe Biden is a Trump Republican (Curt Mills, June 7, 2019, Spectator USA)

The 2020 election looks like the last hurrah for a certain kind of Democrat who switched from Obama to Trump in 2016. Biden is uniquely well-suited to win back that contingent, and judging by open admissions of anxiety from the White House, the president knows it. The left is on the march: in many ways they will set the Democratic agenda no matter who is president. But the 2020 race is already something of a sad story for the Democratic left. Bernie Sanders's trajectory is opposite from the one he enjoyed this time four years ago. The comeback of Elizabeth Warren, a decaffeinated Sanders, represents a tactical retreat.

Biden will continue, where he can, to run a retrograde campaign. Sure, he'll reverse and back government abortion funding here, and downplay his crime bill there. The era of post-truth is now blending into the era of post-sincerity. But Biden's reactionary résumé is also to his advantage.

Biden is the sort of Democrat that the party has all but lost, but will need again in 18 months' time: middle-class, middle of the country, and middle-of-the-road politically. Biden isn't the candidate of the base of the Democratic party, who live in America's growing cities. Notoriously, he took the train to DC. But the easiest way back to Pennsylvania Avenue remains Pennsylvania itself. Rebuild the 'Blue Wall' in the upper Midwest, into which the Keystone State is becoming functionally integrated. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Biden 2020 is 'going after those wistful suburbanites' outside the city, veteran Pennsylvania politico Charles McElwee tells me. This contingent, McElwee says, would vote for Biden if the election were held today. White House beware: Biden 'could absolutely win Pennsylvania'.

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