June 24, 2019


'You got to be spontaneous': Sen. Angus King takes road trip with four strangers (Rebecca Morin, 6/21/19, USA TODAY)

After an hour on the tarmac, the junior senator's 5 p.m. flight from Washington, D.C., to Portland, Maine, was canceled due to weather in the Pine Tree State. He quickly rebooked his flight for the next one out -- at 10 p.m., which was already experiencing delays.

So instead of leaving things to chance, King decided to tag along on a road trip with two software engineers, a college professor and a lawyer, who all ditched their airlines, rented a car, and decided to make the nearly 10-hour drive back to Maine.

"You got to be spontaneous," King said in an interview with USA TODAY. "You got to say 'hey, let's go for it.'"

"Because at first blush, you know, driving from Reagan National [Airport] to Portland, Maine, that's an undertaking and something you think about for weeks," he continued. "We just decided to do it in about 15 minutes."

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The senator accompanied Rebecca Gibbons, a professor at University of Southern Maine; Ramon Krikken, a technical professionals analyst at Gartner; Matt Dusoe, a premier field engineer at Microsoft; and Tim Schneider, general counsel and principal consultant at Tilson Technology Management. 

King said he ran into the group as he was going to get his new boarding pass, and asked what they were doing. The group, who recognized the senator, informed him that the 10 p.m. flight was already delayed two and a half hours, so they decided to rent a vehicle instead to drive to Portland.

"They said, 'you wanna go with us,' and I said 'sure!" King said, adding "it was just like an old-fashion road trip."

He said they took turns driving, pitched in for gas and mostly chatted throughout the 10-hour long drive.

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