June 16, 2019

...AND CHEAPER... (self-reference alert):


To the outside observer, my glasses look straight out of a Warby Parker ad. Only when you pull them off do you see the brand name: EyeBuyDirect.com. Yep, those Wayfarer-style glasses, with the glossy black-and-yellow tortoiseshell pattern, were purchased online -- for less than $40 after taxes. And that's including prescription lenses.

The prices were so affordable that I bought three different pairs a year later ... for a total of $103.71. There are other online options too. Zenni Optical has bare-bone frames for $6.95 a pop, and great deals can also be found at the self-explanatory 39DollarGlasses.com. There are even international options, such as French startup Lunettes Pour Tous, where you can get glasses for as little as 10 euros ($11). "This is a line of people for a line of product where everybody has the same goal: high volume, low cost, low customer interaction," says Nashville optician Rebecca Taylor, clinical spokeswoman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

I was cross-eyed as a kid and then wore bifocals into my 20s.  The cheap frames used to break all the time, but it was lenses that were expensive.  Nowadays the cheap frames are a few hundred dollars for no reason at all.  Such situations can not withstand markets.

"Everything is worth what people are ready to pay"
 - Andrea Guerra, CEO, Luxottica 60 Minutes, June 15, 2014

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