May 26, 2019


The right's plan to get rid of Israel's High Court: The far right wants to defang Israel's highest court to fulfill its annexationist dreams. Netanyahu wants to overpower it to ensure he remains on the throne. For Palestinians, annexation has long been a fact on the ground.  (Meron Rapoport, 5/26/19, 927+)

The attacks on Israel's High Court by the right would not have gained traction without Prime Minister Netanyahu's personal support. These include an attempt to pass a bill that would not only allow the Knesset to re-legislate laws struck down by the judiciary, but also prevent the High Court from intervening in administrative decisions by the government, the ministers, and the Knesset. Netanyahu is hoping to prevent judicial review over any number of laws that would seek to shield him from prosecution over the various corruption scandals in which he is embroiled.

The right speaks openly about the need to broadly "govern," as well as the need to dismantle the "dictatorship of the High Court" in order to "give power back to the people." But nowhere is this so-called "governance" more relevant than the area over which Israel has been trying to hide its rule for 52 years: the occupied territories. [...]

Nearly every single article in Smotrich's so-called "Decisive Plan" -- which includes annexing the West Bank without granting Palestinians equal civil rights, while incentivizing them to leave the country -- would be struck down by the High Court. From his point of view, the override bill becomes a necessity without which the settler right sees no point in joining the government.

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