April 6, 2019


Victimology 101: Rousseau, Victimhood, and Safe-Spaces (Steven Kessler, 4/06/19, Imaginative Conservative)

Rousseau believed Man lived in "the state of nature," which was a fictitious utopia. Human beings were naturally benevolent, naturally equals, independent of their fellow beings, and uninhibited when it came to self-expression. It wasn't until a person took private property for himself did society commence, and with it, the loss of Man's qualities associated with the state of nature.

As Rousseau proclaimed:

The fundamental principle of all morality, upon which I have reasoned in all my writings and which I developed with all the clarity of which I am capable is that man is a being who is naturally good, loving justice and order; that there is no original perversity in the human heart, and the first movements of nature are always good.[1]

Man is born benevolent, but corrupted by society. Evil comes not from Man's fallen nature, but is introduced from external forces, via society.

This is the philosophical basis of liberal victimhood. We are not responsible for our choices, but rather are victims of circumstance. We are not responsible for our portions via our choices, but they are instead dictated to us via society. To those who uphold this belief, our portions in life are not earned, nor are our portions something we are capable of changing via our choices, hard work, or good fortune. Instead, our portions in life are dictated to us via society, and we are either dealt a winning hand as victors, or are left with a losing hand as victims.

The centuries long conflict between the Anglosphere/Scandinavia and continental Europe proceeds from this rejection of fundamental Christian faith. The End of History consists of nothing more than the universal return or journey to the insight we maintained throughout.

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