April 17, 2019


The ADL Opposes West Bank Annexation - Because We Are Zionists. (Kenneth Jacobson, April 16, 2019, The Forward)

The result of annexing the West Bank would be the creation of one state between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River in which there would be, if not a majority Palestinian population, at the very least something very close to it. This majority would either have equal rights to those of Israelis, threatening Israel's Jewish character, or they would be kept as second class, non-voting citizens, which would threaten Israel's democratic character.

Neither of these options should be viable for anyone who considers him or herself a Zionist.

Zionism was all about returning the Jewish people to their historic homeland where the Jewish people would, after 2,000 years, once more be in charge of their own destiny. The hope of that return, embodied in daily prayers, in the Passover Seder and at wedding ceremonies, was what kept the Jewish people alive while they were dispersed around the globe and oppressed for millennia.

The rise of modern anti-Semitism, culminating in the horror of the Holocaust, made that dream urgent and imperative.

And so Israel came into being in 1948 representing the highest values as noted in the nation's declaration of independence - a Jewish state and a democratic state. It has been able to be both, with full rights to its non-Jewish population, because there has been an overwhelming Jewish majority.

Today, the greatest threat to the continuing fulfillment of that dream would be the annexation of the West Bank, the ending of the possibility of two states, and the absorption into Israel of several million Palestinians.

No longer could Israel be a Jewish state, deciding its own destiny when the parliament would be divided fairly equally between Jews and Palestinians.

Indeed, it is no accident that the originator of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, Omar Barghouti, calls for one state between the Mediterranean and Jordan, exactly because he understands that would be the demise of the Jewish state of Israel. His goal in BDS is not to make Israel better, but to make Israel disappear. He and others who call for one state are labeled as anti-Semitic for denying the right of the Jewish people to their historic home.

Clearly, those in Israel who call for annexation are coming from a very different place; they believe they are doing good for Israel. But the results would be the same destructive ones desired by the BDSers.

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