April 22, 2019


How Stephen Miller made immigration personal (GABBY ORR and ANDREW RESTUCCIA, 04/22/2019, Politico)

In the summer of 2017, a group of White House aides were in Paris, enjoying some rare downtime during Donald Trump's first trip to France as president.

As the Trump officials soaked up a July evening along the banks of the Seine, one stepped away to take a phone call from the U.S. It was Stephen Miller, the president's then 31-year-old chief policy adviser, speechwriter and hardline immigration policy advocate.

As the other officials looked on, Miller spent several minutes loudly pressing administration officials on the other end of the line to deport an individual who had been detained by immigration authorities.

The episode, recounted by two former administration officials with direct knowledge of the matter, struck some of Miller's colleagues as bizarre. They were familiar by then with Miller's volatile temper, and of his central role in Trump's immigration policy. Even so, the effort by a young White House aide to dictate the fate of a single detainee was a startling sign of his deep involvement in the federal government's immigration system.

It's just hate: it's not as if there are neutral policy justifications for opposing the free movement of goods and people.

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