April 2, 2019


Trump Got No Bump From Mueller. He Should Worry. (Jonathan Bernstein, April 1, 2019, Bloomberg)

On March 22, the day Mueller's report was delivered, FiveThirtyEight estimated that Trump's approval rating was at 41.9 percent and his disapproval at 52.9 percent. By March 31, he had inched up to 42.1 percent approval and stayed flat at 52.9 percent disapproval. [...]

Here's why that's bad news for Trump. His approval rating is the second-worst of any president on record after 801 days in office, which is where Trump was on Sunday. Only Ronald Reagan, at 41.1 percent, was worse. Trump is dead last in disapproval rating. No other president was over 50 percent. He's also last in net approval (that is, approval minus disapproval) at -10.7.

Trump's numbers have been unusually steady. His poor rating, and his low ranking among the 13 presidents of the polling era, isn't a temporary fluke caused by recent bad news. It's just where he always is. He's been net negative since the earliest days of his presidency, and his disapproval has been over 50 percent for two years now. In fact, he's been last in disapproval for all but about a month of his presidency. 

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