January 31, 2019


SC's Tim Scott still opposes Thomas Farr, has sharp words for conservative critics (EMMA DUMAIN, 1/30/19, The State)

Scott, R-S.C., is doubling down in his opposition to Farr over concerns about the Raleigh, N.C., lawyer's history on race relations. [...]

"For some reason the authors of this letter choose to ignore ... facts, and instead implicate that I have been co-opted by the left and am incapable of my own decision making," Scott said in a statement to McClatchy, adding he votes for Republican judicial nominees "99 percent of the time."

"Why they have chosen to expend so much energy on this particular nomination I do not know, but what I do know is they have not spent anywhere near as much time on true racial reconciliation efforts, decrying comments by those like (Republican U.S. Rep.) Steve King, or working to move our party together towards a stronger, more unified future," Scott continued, referring to the Iowa congressman who recently suggested he was sympathetic to white supremacists in a New York Times interview.

Last last year, Scott was the deciding vote in sinking Farr's chances of being confirmed. The Charleston Republican said he was unable to ignore concerns that Farr may have been involved in a racially motivated voter-suppression strategy during the 1990 reelection campaign of the late-U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C. Farr held a senior staff position with the campaign.

In his statement Wednesday, Scott said, contrary to the suggestion in Tuesday's letter that he never had met with Farr or done the necessary research into his background, "I have met with him multiple times over the past 18 months, both in person and via phone."

Ultimately, Scott said, a Justice Department memo from the George H. W. Bush administration "raise(d) serious questions about the level of involvement Mr. Farr had in the Helms campaign."

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