January 16, 2019


Steve King's Fall Offers Three Lessons for Conservatives (Ramesh Ponnuru, January 15, 2019, Bloomberg)

[C]onservatives themselves need to be better at policing that distinction. Too often conservatives react to unjustified charges of racism by discounting all such charges. Conservatives ought to be realistic, too, about the unsavory supporters that even defensible causes can draw.

The third is that the frequency and offensiveness of King's provocations have grown as Donald Trump has become the dominant force in the Republican Party. That is probably not a coincidence.

During his presidential campaign, Trump barely and belatedly disavowed the white nationalist David Duke, attacked a judge for having Mexican ancestry, and urged the banning of all adherents of a global faith. And he won.

Maybe King felt liberated by his example to be less politic about his views. 

The thing that has really surprised conservatives about this time is the revelation of just how racist the Right, which we've often made common cause with, is. It's quite salutary.

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