January 1, 2019


Did Jerome Corsi Flip? Roger Stone Is Suspicious -- And Furious (Matthew Chapman, December 31, 2018, National Memo)

According to the Washington Examiner, Stone's anger comes from the fact that Corsi stated in recent interviews he had told Stone and "many" others about the Russia-linked theft of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta before they had been published to WikiLeaks.

Stone hinted he had advance knowledge of the document dump in 2016, tweeting that it would soon be Podesta's "time in the barrel" weeks before the first of his emails were released on the vigilante intelligence group's website. He has since tried to claim he was not involved in the operation and only heard about it from comedian Randy Credico -- who vehemently denies it. Mueller has opened an investigation into the full extent of Stone's involvement, and if it turned out that Stone lied to investigators or to Congress, he could be in serious trouble.

But the fact that Stone is now turning on Corsi is especially notable, as Corsi has -- at least publicly -- been one of Stone's most steadfast and loyal allies.

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