January 26, 2019


Report: Trump Fears Stone Will Flip (Cody Fenwick, January 26, 2019, AlterNet)

[Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel] Sherman reports that, despite Stone's implications to the contrary, there's good reason to believe he may flip on Trump. One Republican close to Trump told Sherman that, "Stone knows Donald isn't loyal. He calls him 'Mr. Ingratitude.'"

There's been much speculation that Trump may be dangling pardons for his allies caught in Mueller's investigation or that those allies might be holding out hope for a pardon and refusing to cooperate on this basis. There are severe political risks, though, to the strategy for the president, lowering the likelihood that Trump will ever take this route. And given that Stone has seen that none of the other people indicted by Mueller have yet been pardoned by Trump, he may realize this as an increasingly unlikely bet.

Sherman also reports that Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, fears that he may too be indicted soon. 

We'll all have to forgive our increasingly hysterical Trumpot countrymen; they see their dream of an ethno-state drifting away from them.

Trump slammed by supporters for backing down on shutdown: Conservative pundits lash out at US president after he ends shutdown while failing to secure funding for border wall. (Al Jazeera, 1/26/19)

Far-right activists Mike Cernovic and Paul Joseph Watson also chimed in, with the former calling Trump "a broken man" and the latter declaring his base was in "complete meltdown".

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