January 14, 2019


With a Single Action, Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles Just Showed Us What True Leadership Looks Like (Justin Bariso, 1/14/19, Inc)

Despite being unable to get much going in the second half, Foles and the Eagles offense found themselves deep in Saints territory, poised to retake the lead on a final drive. Foles dropped back and threw a bullet to one of his favorite targets, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.

Except the ball sailed right through Jeffery's hands and was intercepted by Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, in effect sealing the game.

Jeffery dropped to the ground, devastated.

 But then, just a few minutes later, this happened:

Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles consoles WR Alshon Jeffery after 4th quarter interception. According to Jeffery, Foles "told me he loved playing with me and we wouldn't have won a Super Bowl without me."

Now that's #leadership.

#Eagles #NickFoles #AlshonJeffery #Eagles pic.twitter.com/iKYwFYMgEn

-- Justin Bariso (@JustinJBariso) January 14, 2019

Now that's what true leadership looks like.

Jeffery hadn't dropped a pass all game. In fact, Jeffery has never dropped a pass in the postseason.

No matter how skilled you are at your profession, you will make mistakes. That's life, and it doesn't matter if you work for a professional sports team or a fast food restaurant.

But here's the thing: It's how you deal with those mistakes that will define the type of influence you have on the people you work with.

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