January 29, 2019


The Koch Network's High Hopes and Early Push for an Immigration Deal (JIM GERAGHTY, January 29, 2019, National Review)

"If you look at the polling, it shows that regardless of the political spectrum, there's broad support for both border security and then the Dreamers," says Mark Holden, general counsel of Koch Industries and the network's point man on the successful push for criminal-justice reform last year. He met with Trump and other conservative leaders at the White House about shutdown negotiations back on January 23. "Now, what that looks like, people may disagree on, but it means doing something positive with the Dreamers, not kicking them out of the country, but some type of either legalization or a path to citizenship. I've been in meetings with hardcore Republicans on that issue, and even they acknowledge that."

Brian Hooks, chairman of the Koch Seminar Network, told assembled attendees of the Koch network's winter meeting on Monday that the network's effort to unite a broad coalition to push Congress and the White House had already begun.

"We just got the longest government shutdown in the history of our country, and this issue was at the core," Hooks said. "When you read the headlines saying this is impossible, it's understandable. But we see an opportunity to bring the same approach that this network brought to criminal-justice reform, to unite a broad-based policy coalition with groups from the ACLU to people in Silicon Valley, to Fortune 500 companies, to members of the religious community, and a whole lot of people in between. This isn't wishful thinking; this is already underway."

Americans don't oppose immigration, just disorderly immigration.

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