October 30, 2018


A Financial Times editor calls for a Fox News advertiser boycott (Stavros Agorakis  Oct 29, 2018, Vox)

The US editor of the Financial Times is calling for a boycott of companies that advertise on Fox in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the pipe bombs sent to leading Democrats.

"The most effective thing Americans can do is boycott companies that advertise on Fox," Edward Luce tweeted Saturday. "They bankroll the poison that goes from the studio into Trump's head. The second is vote."

The call was an unusual one for a journalist. But Luce -- who had tweeted on Friday that Trump "has normalized the language of violence in US politics" -- was one of a growing number of prominent voices, including former conservatives who oppose Trump, speaking out against Fox News and Fox Business.

Pittsburgh suspect echoed talking point that dominated Fox News airwaves (Brian Stelter, 10/30/18, CNN Business)
Within days of the new caravan's formation in Honduras, Fox News hosts and Republican congressmen were using dehumanizing language and casting the migrants as an imminent threat. In reality, the nearest caravan is about 1,000 miles from the nearest US port of entry, and many of the migrants say they want to seek asylum through legal avenues.

On Fox News, the word "invasion" was used in relation to the caravan more than 60 times in October, according to closed captioning transcripts. (This includes repeats of programs.) "Invading" was brought up more than a dozen times.

On Fox Business, the word "invasion" was invoked more than 75 times in October, mostly on Lou Dobbs' program.

Fox's Tucker Carlson referenced an "invasion" as early as October 16.

Eleven days later, on October 27, minutes before entering the Tree of Life synagogue, the suspect wrote another post about "invaders" and said "I'm going in," seemingly linking his anti-immigrant attitudes to his attack on the synagogue.

One of the congregations that rents space at the synagogue, Dor Hadash, reportedly has a partnership with HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which has a long history of helping refugees.

The suspect claimed in his final post on Gab that "HIAS likes to bring in invaders that kill our people."

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