October 30, 2018


Trump to Send 5,200 Troops to Border for Preelection Stunt (Eric Levitz, 10/30/18, New York)

So: It is not clear that these migrants will ever arrive at the U.S. southern border; if they do, they have legal right to seek asylum and there's no reason to believe they will assert that right in anything but a peaceful manner; America is perfectly capable of absorbing another 3,500 asylum-seekers; and even if none of those things were true, U.S. soldiers still wouldn't be able to provide anything but logistical support to border patrol -- and it's hard to see why 5,200 troops are needed to serve that function.

But it's relatively easy to see why a political party that believes it can only win elections by sowing paranoid fear would want to engineer headlines about 5,200 troops headed to the border to counter the migrant "invasion" shortly before Election Day.

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