October 31, 2018

ALWAYS BET ON THE dEEP sTATE (profanity alert):

Trump's Culture Warriors Go Home: They were poised to storm Washington. Then America stopped caring. (BEN SCHRECKINGER November/December 2018, Politico)

Two years ago, Cernovich was an indefatigable Trump cheerleader, among the most prominent of a small vanguard of Trumpist culture warriors who trolled their way from the fringes of the right-wing internet to real-world relevance. Loosely lumped together as the celebrities of the "alt-right"--a label most of them have since disavowed--they hailed from different corners of the web and professed different views, but they were united by a shared disdain for progressives and establishment Republicans, and a shared faith that the disruptive outsider named Donald Trump could usher in the change they believed America needed.

Once unleashed in Washington, they harbored dreams of taking over the Republican Party and pushing American popular culture sharply rightward. And, at a moment when it seemed that anything was possible in American politics, it looked like this group of fringe web firebrands just might be able to harness the right's anti-establishment energy into a muscular and profitable movement.

No longer. Halfway into Trump's term, the president has settled into power, remaking the office in his own attention-sucking style and pushing the national conversation in directions it hasn't taken in generations. But his most flamboyant supporters, who once planned to overrun Washington, find themselves in retreat. Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart tech editor and right-wing campus provocateur, has lost his book deal, the sponsorship of his billionaire patrons and most of his staff. Charles Johnson, the online alt-right activist who alarmed the public by attending this year's State of the Union address as a guest of freshman Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, has quit social media. Lucian Wintrich, the inaugural White House correspondent for The Gateway Pundit, a pro-Trump outlet with a penchant for publishing fake news and conspiracy theories, has been dumped by the site and returned to New York. The white nationalist Richard Spencer, organizer of 2017's alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., has given up his residence in Alexandria, Va., and is living on a family property in Montana, where he is plotting a move to an undisclosed location.

As for Cernovich--a right-wing men's empowerment blogger who saw Trump as the counterweight to political correctness and establishment conservatism--he's become disillusioned with politics and increasingly critical of the president. These days, he spends most of his time on other pursuits, including the "Gorilla Mindset" lifestyle-coaching practice he runs from his home in Southern California. In September, he tweeted glumly, "There's no Wall. She's not locked up. But Flynn got fired and sent to wolves. And Sauadi [sic] Arabia sold weapons of murder."

Not exactly a group likely to understand that Donald was a Hillary-driven fluke.

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