October 29, 2018


Mind the Link: Marijuana Heightens the Risk of Psychosis (ALICE B. LLOYD, October 29, 2018, Weekly Standard)

A recent study placed marijuana among the five clearest triggers of schizophrenia, out of 98 catalysts under consideration. The other top triggers--a chemical predisposition, the experience of trauma as a child or adult, and obstetric complications (aka, trauma experienced in utero)--are less preventable than marijuana use. An earlier study, conducted over 15 years in Sweden, concluded that the risk of developing schizophrenia increased six times for high-level users. But even using moderately, just 11 to 50 times overall, doubles the risk according to a more recent study. And for those who start using younger, the risk is higher still: 15-year-olds who use marijuana are three-times likelier to develop psychotic symptoms than those who start at 18.

Psychosis usually rears its head during one's late teens or early 20s, which happens to be within a couple years of a typical recreational user's first experience with marijuana. It's a complex set of mental disorders that covers symptoms like hallucinations, paranoid delusions, all the way to full-blown schizophrenia--which, while sometimes manageable, has no known cure.

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