September 20, 2018


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Endorses Local Politician Accused of Peddling "Racist Conspiracies" (DAVID CORN, SEPTEMBER 20, 2018, Mother Jones)

Last week, Mother Jones reported that controversial, Putin-loving Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) had hobnobbed at a fundraiser with an alleged Holocaust denier--after being criticized for his previous association with this fellow. This week, Rohrabacher, who is in a tough race to hold on to his Southern California congressional seat, pulled a similar move: he endorsed a local politician who has been described by one media outlet as a "peddler of racist conspiracies."

On Tuesday, Rohrabacher posted on his Instagram feed a photo of him with Gracey Larrea-Van Der Mark, a candidate for a school board seat in Huntington Beach, California. He endorsed her and called her a "patriot."

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