September 20, 2018


How the Republicans Fell for Trump's Overconfidence Game (Walter Shapiro, 9/20/18, Roll Call)

Certainly, the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign deserves its own Measuring-the-Drapes Wing in the Overconfidence Hall of Fame.

Perhaps a last-minute swing through Wisconsin and Michigan might not have made a difference since Clinton rallies were often flat and lifeless. But what remains baffling was the decision by the imperturbable Clinton high command to curtail state polling during the closing weeks of the campaign.

All this brings us to the most laughable manifestation of overconfidence in the 2018 campaign. It comes courtesy of an internal Republican National Committee poll obtained by Joshua Green of Bloomberg Businessweek.

The survey, conducted in early September, found that 57 percent of devoted Trump supporters believe there is absolutely no chance the Democrats can take back the House. As the accompanying report, written by the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, bluntly states, "We need to make real the threat that Democrats have a good shot of winning control of Congress."

Think about this for a moment. Convinced that polls are rigged for the Democrats (remember 2016) and conditioned by a president who denounces all criticism as "Fake News," strong Trump backers have convinced themselves that the Republican Congress is an impregnable fortress. Of course, conditioned by Fox News, the minds of many of these MAGA-hat Republicans are also an impregnable fortress.

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