July 2, 2018


Boys and men disappearing from psychology (DOUGLAS TODD, June 26, 2018, Vancouver Sun)

Males are disappearing from the field of North American psychology -- both as research subjects and as psychotherapists.

The evidence is overwhelming that psychological research is becoming heavily focused on girls' and women's issues, and that males are rapidly vanishing from psycho-therapeutic professions.

The consequences of these dual trajectories, say specialists, is that the distinct emotional struggles of boys and men are largely being sidelined and that many psychotherapists are lacking expertise in dealing effectively with males' psychological difficulties.

A revealing study led by the University of B.C.'s Robinder Bedi found the vast majority of 293 research articles published over a 13-year period in the influential Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy centred on female-specific topics.

Shhhhhhhh......  Don't give them any ideas.

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