March 31, 2018


I've Had Enough of Darkness (Alan Cabal, 3/31/18, Splice Today)

The inherent absurdities of the Christian faith vanish like a morning fog when filtered through the lens of simulation theory. After several months of agonizing over it, I've reached the conclusion that all religions are valid reality constructs to their adherents, but that Christianity is the one that most conforms to my rigid morals and ethics, especially as regards the present trend of decadence and depravity infecting Western Civilization. If the universe is a simulation, it's entirely possible that one of the designers consciously inserted himself into the simulation via virgin birth, promoted a philosophy of decency and mutual respect while dazzling the crowd with impossible feats, suffered a horrifying death with dignity, and rose from the dead. It gets back to the thermodynamic miracle.

It has been argued that Christianity is merely a hodgepodge of stolen goods derived from Sumerian, Egyptian, Persian, and Graeco-Roman sources, but what if it is, in fact, the apotheosis and full convergence of those lineages? In Ridley Scott's magnificent prequels to Alien, the films Prometheus and Covenant, he depicts a race of "Engineers" as humanity's creators. In the narrative so far, they became appalled by our violence and barbarism, and sent one of their own to correct us and guide us to a better way, and we crucified him. Hence, their desire to destroy us.

My Irish Catholic friend might see these speculations as heresy. I've considered conversion, but I'm not sure there's a church that would accept me. I'd feel like a cheat going in. [...]

On Monday, I'll attempt to be a better man. Not necessarily nicer. Just better. Western Civilization is at stake. It's time to pick a side. God wills it. I refer you, in my case, to John 1:5. Look it up. I've had enough of darkness. Let there be more light.

The most compelling basis of faith is aesthetics. Ours is the beautiful story.

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