March 22, 2018


Inside the Bizarre World of Indoor Marathons (Martin Fritz Huber, Mar 21, 2018, Outside)

"I'm not trying to insult anybody, but I feel like this is an event for running geeks," said Amelia Bourdeau, a recreational runner who, on Saturday, was sitting in street clothes in the balcony-level stands of the six-lane indoor track and field facility in New York City, known locally as the Armory.

Below, seven runners--five men and two women--were in the process of running 211 laps in an attempt to break the indoor marathon world record. Christopher Zablocki, who set the men's mark of 2:21:48 at this event last year and was recently profiled in the New York Times, was back to defend his title. From the looks of it, however, he had some work to do; with less than a third of the race to go, Zablocki's rival Malcolm Richards had already twice lapped the rest of the men's field and was showing no sign of slowing down. Richards had set the world record at the inaugural Indoor Marathon World Record Challenge, in 2016, and seemed bent on regaining his title.

"Malcolm has a two-and-a-half lap lead now. That's only 500 meters!" a race announcer said over the loudspeaker, in an apparent bid to reinject a little drama.

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