January 17, 2018


Desperate ISIS fanatics forced to use FAKE terror images in new budget 'Photoshop jihad' as fanboys pine for 'the good old days' (The Sun, Jan. 9th, 2018)

ONCE upon a time ISIS' propaganda unit was a slick operation, pumping out professionally produced snuff videos to scare the world - or recruit psychos to their ranks.

But now the terrorists are currently in the middle of a media crisis after losing their main media in the centre in the brutal battle for Raqqa last year.

Efforts to produce their gruesome murder videos have been curbed and they are now reduced to "crowd sourcing" new ideas for Photoshopped propaganda.

In a frantic recruitment bid on Telegram, sicko supporters are encouraging members to fake images to drive fear into the West in an attempt to "freak out the kuffar (non muslims)".

Jihadis believed to be in New York, claim they will now fake images as part of "Photoshop jihad".

The group's terror output has plummeted since Raqqa - their terror capital and media hub - was captured by Kurdish led forces.

Several key members of the terrorists' media team are believed to have perished in the downfall of the regime.

Sun Online previously reported how ISIS supporters shared an image of a man on a snowy New Yorks street claiming he was a member of the terror group.

Nowadays propaganda from the embattled state is now peppered with spelling mistakes - including one which vowed to "cuddle necks".

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