January 22, 2018


Rouhani moves to leverage unrest to loosen IRGC grip on economy (Mohammad Ali Shabani, January 22, 2018, Al Monitor)

In the aftermath of the recent protests in Iran, public announcements about a concerted effort to get the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Iranian army (Artesh) to divest from the economy seem to signal that President Hassan Rouhani remains firmly committed to his agenda.

Indeed, unlike the past -- when civil unrest was quickly assumed by default to weaken moderates as the security state stepped in -- elite responses to the protests have this time acknowledged grievances. Believed to have initially been instigated by hard-line foes who sought to undermine him, Rouhani is now using the protests to leverage his efforts to restrict the influence of unaccountable centers of power.

The endeavor is not new; rather, it has been on Rouhani's agenda since he first took office. To achieve this objective, the administration has avoided confrontation aimed at wholly emptying the pockets of its rivals. Instead, the president's approach has been one of co-optation via the gradual opening of the books of his opponents, with the aim of one day demanding full accountability. His engagement with the IRGC is a case in point.

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