January 7, 2018


Chiefs, somehow, found a new way to break your heart: 'This one's for real' (SAM MELLINGER, JANUARY 06, 2018, Kansas City Star)

Chiefs fans don't deserve this, and that's not really a compliment to Chiefs fans, either. Nobody deserves this. Not the guy who cut you off in traffic, not the lady who wouldn't hold the elevator door for you, not even the punk kid who won't stop kicking your seat on the plane.

Sports are supposed to be fun. They're supposed to be a reason to get together with your family, or call a friend you haven't talked to in a while, or just forget about your bills and your problems and that weird noise your car is making.

They're not supposed to kick you in the teeth. They're not supposed to make you hurt, and make you wonder why the hell you put up with it. They're not supposed to mock you for caring, for investing in a team that's done nothing but let you down for 48 -- wait, nope, make that 49 -- years.

The Chiefs are an original franchise, their founder an irreplaceable part of NFL history, and the one thing they've done better than anyone is find new ways to stomp the joy from your heart.

You have to give them credit, though. Even for the Chiefs, this 22-21 blown ball of shame loss to the mediocre Titans in a wild-card playoff game on Saturday was expert-level teeth kicking.

You never know exactly how the Chiefs will let you down. You just know they will, and it will hurt.

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