November 28, 2017


Conservative Media Give Up : A victim of its own success. (NOAH ROTHMAN / NOV. 28, 2017, Commentary)

If you've spent more than a half hour on the Internet, you've probably encountered a popular series of videos featuring amateur daredevils performing botched stunts, usually resulting in some slapstick comedy. These isolated incidents are spliced together into tightly edited "fail" compilations, in which one risk-taker after another careens into a variety of immovable objects in quick succession. That might be the best way to describe what it was like to watch the Washington Post dismantle an effort by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas to muddy the waters when it came to the accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The unrelenting cascade of incompetence, matched only by the false bravado of Project Veritas's proprietor, was difficult to watch. The whole sordid affair did, however, demonstrate the extent to which some conservative activist media haven't just become ineffective but exploitative. No longer are institutions like Veritas dedicated to combating ignorance in their audience. They're actively courting it. [...]

Over the course of two farcical hours, O'Keefe inadvertently established that the Washington Post's reporters were pros, that the Post's reporting on Moore was water-tight, and that his own organization--and Moore's supporters, by extension--had little regard for the victims of sexual assault. After all, they had hired an activist to portray one toward a petty and political end, thus cheapening the experience of legitimate survivors.

All this is rather loathsome, and O'Keefe's organization is due all the opprobrium it is receiving and more. But it also illustrates a condition that is rendering conservative activist media impotent: They have stopped caring about their audience.

...they demonstrated why the IRS story is bogus too.

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