November 28, 2017


Global Growth in 2018 Will Be 'As Good As It Gets,' Goldman, Barclays Say (Keshia Hannam, 11/28/17, Fortune)

Outlooks for next year from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS, -0.38%) and Barclays Plc (BCS, -1.24%) predict global growth will reach 4%, with G7 economies expected to beat projections for the first time since 2010. One economist deemed that optimistic forecast "as good as it gets."

A global growth rate of 4% next year would be the strongest since 2011, and an increase from the 3.7% Goldman Sachs estimated for this year, reports Bloomberg. Most major economies are even running ahead of pre-financial crisis averages, said economist Jan Hatzius in Goldman's November Economic Outlook report. The Goldman report says the projected GDP growth for next year is "notably above consensus expectations and supported by still-easy financial conditions and fiscal policy."

In a separate November report, Barclays economists Ajay Rajadhyaksha and Michael Gavin wrote that "the ongoing economic expansion has substantial momentum.''

"It is not overly reliant on any single geographical region, industry, or source of demand," they said. "It does not seem to have generated economic or financial excesses that pose an immediate threat.''

If Donald can just stay stymied he has a shot at one of the most successful presidencies ever.  Only he can thwart himself.

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