November 18, 2017

CAT? (self-reference alert)(profanity alert):

These Elaborate Cardboard Boxes Are Exactly What Your Cat Needs (REBECCA OCONNELL APRIL 12, 2016, Mashable)

No matter how much money you spend on a well-made or elaborate piece of kitty furniture, they're always going to prefer to play or snooze in a regular old cardboard box. Bulgarian company Cacao Furniture knows this, and combines the best of both worlds, offering fun and creative cat shelters made from the feline's favorite material. Each cardboard box is beautifully crafted, making them an attractive alternative to the ones that house your internet purchases.

The Judd Spawn are always appalled when I tell them that it was a big deal in the 'hood when someone would get a new fridge or washer, because we would get the box to play with.  Of course, they're even more flabbergasted by the idea of our favorite game: "Get the Stick Stuck in the Tree".  [And we'll not mention the rules of "A-S-S"....]

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