November 23, 2017


Scientists Genetically Engineer a Form of Gluten-Free Wheat : Removing disease-causing proteins from the grain could make it safe for celiacs to consume (Yasemin Saplakoglu, November 23, 2017, Scientific American)

Genetically modified crops are the subject of fierce debate around the world; some countries, including France and Germany, outlaw their cultivation. The biggest concern involves the practice of inserting DNA from one species into another, says Francisco Barro, a plant biotechnologist at the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture in Spain. To avoid this genetic crossover, Barro and his colleagues used the gene-editing technique CRISPR/Cas9 to cut selected genes from a wheat genome.

Their study zeroed in on alpha-gliadins, gluten proteins believed to be wheat's major troublemakers in the immune system. The researchers designed bits of genetic material that directed the scissorlike Cas9 protein to cut out 35 of the 45 alpha-gliadin genes. When the modified wheat was tested in a petri dish, it produced an 85 percent weaker immune response, the team reported online in September in Plant Biotechnology Journal.

When your phoney-baloney gluten intolerance collides with your GMO hysteria....

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