September 11, 2017


Data on Out-of-State IDs Fuels Cries of 'Fraud' in 2016 Election (CASEY MCDERMOTT • SEP 7, 2017, NHPR)

[K]ansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach penned a Breitbart column pointing to the data as evidence that "a pivotal, close election [the U.S. Senate Race between Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan] was likely changed through voter fraud." Kobach is co-chair of the Trump administration's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which is meeting in New Hampshire next week and of which New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner is a member.

Gardner, in an interview Thursday evening, said he hadn't yet read Kobach's column. But, Gardner said, "I'll certainly talk to him about it next week."

When asked if he had any reason to doubt the legitimacy of last year's election outcome, Gardner replied: "No."

"That's why I want to get the facts out there," Gardner added, referring to his participation on the Trump voting commission. "Not just good facts. I want all the facts."

The report released Thursday doesn't say where the people who used out-of-state IDs and didn't follow up with in-state licenses or vehicle registrations voted.

Earlier this year, using data provided at the time by the Secretary of State's office, NHPR found that out-of-state IDs were mostly used in areas surrounding college campuses. New Hampshire law allows out-of-state college students to vote in-state, as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements.

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