September 11, 2017


The Schadenfreude Phase Of The Trump Administration Is Hitting Already (Robert Tracinski, SEPTEMBER 11, 2017, The Federalist)

So Trump supporters are now in a situation where it looks like, by the end of his first year in office, there will be no wall, no mass deportations, no Obamacare repeal, no tax reform--but there will be multiple extension of the debt ceiling and a permanent legislative version of amnesty for some illegal aliens. But hey, we'll always have Neil Gorsuch!

As this possibility shapes up, Trump supporters have been caught out for having heaped invective in the past on establishment Republicans for doing the same thing Trump just did--and somehow not being able to apply the same standards to their man.

Except for Ann Coulter, who has been using Trump's preferred medium, Twitter, to push out a series of angry tweets denouncing him for selling out his supporters on their central agenda item, immigration.

The problem is that less than a year ago, Coulter published a book titled "In Trump We Trust," laying out the case for him as the one politician who would finally make good on her anti-immigration agenda. The key word there is "trust." Trump's fanatical advocates violated what I think should be the First Commandment of the Right: "Place not thy faith in politicians."

Yet these are the people who thumped their chests and mocked us for doubting Trump, declaring that we were weak and compromising and impugning our very manhoods. (Remember that these are the people who dragged the term "cuck" from its sordid corners of the Internet and brought it into the mainstream.)

So it's totally appropriate to take a few moments to gloat at the collapse of Trumpism. But let's not spend too long in this phase.

Mr. Mueller will end the phase.

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