September 27, 2017


Experts Are Stunned By The "Sheer Stupidity" Of Including Chad In The Travel Ban (Vera Bergengruen, Monica Mark, 9/25/17, BuzzFeed)

"It makes no sense whatsoever. In fact I wonder if there wasn't some sort of mistake made," John Campbell, a former US ambassador to Nigeria, told BuzzFeed News. "It's an insult. What really gets to me is the apparent sheer stupidity of it."

On Monday Chad's government said it was "astonished" and "baffled" to find its citizens blacklisted by Trump. Local press reported that the US ambassador was summoned to meet with the prime minister on Monday.

In a statement to local media, Chad's government said it "invites president Donald Trump to reconsider this decision, which severely tarnishes the image of Chad, and the strong relationship between the two countries, particularly in the fight against terrorism."

The surprising move raised concerns that the ban could impact the country's close working relationship with the Pentagon. Chad has been a key US ally in an often-volatile neighborhood that's bordered by Nigeria, Libya, Niger, Central African Republic, and Sudan -- the last of which was on Trump's previous travel ban list but was removed from this one.

Chad, which is home to a US military facility, just hosted an annual 20-nation military exercise with US Africa Command to strengthen local forces to fight extremist insurgents.

It also hosts the multinational task force that is fighting the terrorist group Boko Haram and has been praised for being willing and able to provide its own troops to fight in the region. The US Army, Navy, and Marines have all trained Chadian forces, which have fought extremists in Mali and Nigeria.

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